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How to Build Metal Bed Headboard Queen

Redecorating your bedroom can revitalize your home. Instead of investing a fortune in a ready-bought metal bed headboard queen and pedestal, make your own. Even with minimal carpentry skills, you can design your own set to match your current decor or to make your new style. The cost of making your own headboard and pedestal is a fraction of the cost of a ready-made set, and the finished product is a bed that perfectly fits your style.

Full Size Bed Frame with Headboard

Full Size Bed Frame with Headboard


12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Build Metal Bed Headboard Queen

Image of: Wrought Iron King Size Bed
Image of: Wrought Iron Headboard
Image of: Wrought Iron Headboard King
Image of: Cute Twin Metal Headboard
Image of: Stainless Steel Headboard
Image of: Rustic Metal Headboards
Image of: Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard
Image of: Metal Queen Headboard Clearance
Image of: King Metal Bed Frame Headboard
Image of: Furniture Rustic Bedroom Set
Image of: Furniture Metal Headboard Queen
Image of: Full Size Bed Frame with Headboard

Draw the shape of the gable on two 3/4-by-48-by-31-inch plywood. Bed headboard queen Use as much of the plywood as possible when drawing the shape, using the 48-inch side as the height and the 31-inch sides combined to create width. Choose any design you want, such as a scroll-shaped top, a heart or a basic rectangle. Cut the shape using a jigsaw. For narrow corners, use a rotating tool. Sand the edges of plywood with medium sandpaper. Place the two parts of the bed end together, facing down, on your work surface. Make sure the edges are flush. Place four strips of half-of-4-by-18-inch plywood over the seam where the two parts meet.

Space the pieces evenly over the length of the seam so that the center of the strip is over it and 9 inches of the plywood strip extends on either side. Attach plywood strips to headboard queen with six 1-inch wooden screws. Place one screw every 3 inches on each plywood strip. Draw the shape of the footboard on two pieces of 3/4-by-32-by-31-inch plywood. Put them together to create a by-by-32-by-62-inch piece of plywood. Draw the footboard shape of the plywood, as you did the headboard, using as much space as possible, with the 32-inch side as the height.

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